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Digitalized method assisting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome.

Our experts developed Bugaddy to ensure that this tool will guide autistic people through their everyday activities throughout their lifetime.


Bugaddy originally was a toy used by the mother to communicate with her autistic child. Given that Bugaddy was relatively static, it could not show any adverse emotions. This completely calm and constantly repeating manner of communication highly contributed to building a trustful bond between the child and the Bugaddy.

The mother's communication method, supplemented with required psychological expertise and over 10 years of constant efforts, has resulted in complete socialization of the child, allowing flawless interaction with the rest of the world. Today this child speaks several languages and attends a public school.

The success did not remain unnoticed. The toy-form Bugaddy was introduced to other children and has resulted in the tenth of successfully socialized kids over the last five years. The method has proven to be a success, which encouraged us to make Bugaddy accessible online. To achieve this, we are digitalizing everything Bugaddy taught to his autistic friends during his lifetime as a toy to develop an interactive Bugaddy application available to every kid across the planet.


  • 2009 – starting development of the socialization methodology;
  • 2014 – development of the socialization method completed, practical work on the socialization of children with autism spectrum disorders;
  • 2015 – the foundation of Impossible Possible S.L.;
  • 2019 – dozens of successfully socialized children;
  • 2020 – developed methodology of digital interaction with Bugaddy;
  • 2020 – brand, I.T. infrastructure;
  • 2021 – technical descriptions of the first 3 Bugaddy scenarios for the digitalization team to make Bugaddy App accessible in the test mode
  • 2021 – launch of the Kickstarter fundraising campaign;

Bugaddy team

Dmitry Golovenko


Svetlana Golovenko

Founder. Mother of a fully socialized autistic child. Author of the unique Socialization Methodology and the developer of the Bugaddy scenario.

Olga Pihtova

Speech and language therapist. She is instructing the team in all voiceovers of visualized socialization records.

Damir Golovenko

Socialized autistic child. He speaks fluently in 4 languages, attends ordinary school, has non-autistic friends, and is looking forward to becoming a researcher. Damir actively consults Bugaddy Team.

Eduards Balodis

Bugaddy Animator.

Olesja Černovol

Community Management, Public Relations.

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